Henry - Shoulder Surgery

I was always a ballplayer. I played third base when I played baseball, and in my later years, I narrowed it down to bowling. I bowled a lot. In my teenage days, I bowled five days a week in my older years now, I bowl three times a week. Four months before my surgery, I was bowling, and something happened to my shoulder. It could’ve topped off with the bowling from my youth until now. I couldn’t bowl for two weeks at all, and I was trying lots of different things: heat and special applications just so I could bowl. But I had to bowl with a much lighter ball. I used to bowl with a sixteen-pound ball.

I saw Dr. Pinegar and it came down to I had a tear in my rotator cuff. I went in and took his advice, did the surgery, and it was about a four-month recovery with my therapy and everything. I was very stringent, and I did all of the exercises at home. The therapist I used was a very good person and I came back pretty good. I didn’t think I’d ever bowl again, and it took time, but I really missed it.

I went down and watched my friends bowl, so after about four months, I started bowling, with a much lighter ball, of course, cause I didn’t want to reinjure myself. It came time for the leagues again, so I joined the leagues. I was brave enough to join three leagues to bowl three times a week. I was bowling with a fifteen-pound ball cause I had to bowl with a lighter ball. I never thought I’d get back to a sixteen-pound ball, but after a while of throwing the fifteen-pound ball too fast, I moved up to my sixteen-pound ball, the one that I bowled my three hundred (game) with a few years ago. I’m really, really happy with my progress; I’m doing so well. I’m one hundred percent. Just a few weeks ago, I bowled a two ninety-eight, and I know I’m going to get back to that three hundred again.