Amber - Knee Replacement

I was in pain for three months and then a friend from work referred me to Dr. Crovetti. I came here and was able to get in, just a couple of weeks later. Dr. Crovetti said, “You may not want to do a knee surgery at your age, but you’re in a lot of pain. Think about it. Consider it.”

The pain wasn’t getting any better so I came back and said, ‘Let’s do the surgery.’ About five weeks after my first surgery, in December 2015, my right knee gave out and I was in pain again for a couple of weeks.

When I came back on crutches for an office visit Dr. Crovetti said, “Why are you on crutches? You should be walking!” And I said, ‘It’s not my left knee, now it’s my right!’ So shortly after, I was able to get another appointment and had my second knee surgery done.

As a single mom, it was very important to recover quickly and get back to work. Now I’m able to walk, work and travel with my kids. It’s great and I’ve finally got my life back!