Private Recovery Suites


Outpatient Joint Replacement

  • 99.8% Patient Satisfaction
  • State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms
  • 24-Hour Personalized Care
  • 6 Luxury Private Suites
  • Home Care After Surgery
  • More Than 3,000 Joint Replacements Performed

Private Recovery Suites

We created and built these innovative surgical recovery suites so that our patients can enjoy the comforts and convenience of a VIP experience. You’ll receive 24-hour personalized care and healthy catered meals within a private and relaxing setting. Our highly trained nursing staff and physical therapy specialists will have you up and moving within hours of surgery to speed up your recovery to get you back home in 48 hours. Patients and family are provided with constant education in regards to aftercare during their stay and transition to home.

All you have to do is RECOVER LIKE A ROCKSTAR!™

Concierge Surgical Nurses

Outpatient Surgical Recovery Suites nurses are highly trained in post operative orthopedic joint replacement patient care. In-room monitoring and the primary care of up to six residents, the OSRS staff is dedicated to providing a safe and pain controlled recovery. Constant interaction with our nursing team will help answer your questions and concerns while preparing you for a smooth transition from our home to yours.

OSRS nurses will assist you in the administration of pain medication including any medication you take everyday at home. Their constant access to your surgeon and internal medicine consulting physicians result in the safest recovery possible following a hip or knee replacement.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist and therapy assistant are available around the clock. Their job is to focus on your recovery and your transition to recovering at home after your brief stay with Outpatient Surgical Recovery Suites. The afternoon of surgery you will be evaluated and begin therapy with anesthesia based pain control including a regional sensory nerve block designed to provide pain relief with near normal muscle function. Constant access to our physical therapist enables you to maximize the recovery of your new hip or knee.

The end goal is early movement, prevention of complications and an education in transition to therapy at home.

Secure Tracks

The latest treatment for Joint Replacement Rehabilitation.
Secure Tracks is a patient support system designed to assist in patient rehabilitation. In order to ‘get back in your game’ you need to get on your feet. Secure Tracks helps you do that, safely and early on in your recovery.

This innovative physical therapy system enables the patient to walk upright and use their natural gait, unlike a walker or cane. Patients using the Secure Tracks system tend to walk farther, more comfortably and recover faster.

Secure Tracks is a Patient Support System designed to:

  • Decrease pain after surgery
  • Improve gait during recovery
  • Increase patient independence
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Prevent patient falls
  • Builds patient confidence


This study presents results of 2,934 patients (1,487 males, 1,447 females) having total hip (1,053) or knee replacement surgery (1,881) in a State Licensed Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery Center and recovering in an adjacent Licensed Intermediate Care Facility (OSRS).

Average Length of Stay
2 nights. All patients discharged to home.

Operative Time
45 minutes (Hips 42.3, Knees 46.5)

Tourniquet Time
33 minutes (1,881 Knees)

Recovery Room Time
121.7 minutes

Time from Suites Admission to Ambulation: 57.9 minutes Cumulative Number of Feet Walked During Stay: 3,068 ft. Average Number of Feet Walked Daily: 1,005 ft.

VAS Pain Scores (Scale 0-10) Hip/Knee
Pre Surgery: 6.5 (6.7/6.3)
Post Surgery (upon OSRS Admission): 3.7 (4.1/3.5)
Upon discharge from OSRS: 4.6 (4.1/4.8)
3 weeks: 3.1 (2.5/3.4)
3 months: 2.0 (1.8/2.2)
6 months: 1.8 (1.7/1.9)
12 months: 1.4 (1.3/1.4)

No Blood Transfusions
No Urinary Catheters
No Blood Clots
No Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
No Acute Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
No Traumatic Falls