Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Podcast #12: THE REAL DEAL with ex-NFL player Tony Berti and his wife Nikki

Dr. Mike Crovetti visits with Tony and Nikki Berti. Tony was an offensive lineman with the Chargers, Seahawks and Broncos 1995 to 1999 and also played for the Berlin Thunder in the World Football League and Las Vegas Outlaws of the XFL. They discuss his struggles from injuries during his football playing days and the lasting effect they had on his life after retiring from football… especially with one of his knees. After years of seeing Dr. Crovetti for numerous ailments, Tony and Nikki decided that he should move forward with total knee replacement. Sleepless nights and unable to participate in daily actives with the family needed to come to an end. Today (almost 5 years to the day of his knee replacement), Tony is enjoying an active life again with his wife and family. In 2003, Tony and Nikki founded the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation in Las Vegas, which gives underprivileged children to opportunity to pick out their very own pair of new shoes. They hope their foundation will leave a long lasting legacy for their efforts and community. Enjoy this very interesting insight into an ex-professional athletes take on how joint replacement can completely change your life for the better.