Crovetti Orthopaedics Welcomes Dr. Drew Iman, Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgeon, to its Team of Surgical Specialists

Dr. Drew Iman is now a member of the growing team of medical professionals at Crovetti Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. His specialty lies in hip and knee replacements – with an emphasis on state-of-the-art hip procedures through the muscle-sparing anterior approach – as well as the treatment of general orthopaedic conditions. Dr. Michael Crovetti Jr, DO, founder of Crovetti Ortho, has announced that Dr. Iman is accepting patients for both the Henderson and Las Vegas locations.

Las Vegas may seem an unlikely place to land for a mountain-loving doctor originally from Denver. But his desire to be closer to family led him to leave Florida and head back out west. Dr. Iman wasn’t in search of just any job, though – he was looking for the right job for him. He had in mind a place where he could not only continue his work, but would also allow him to improve the overall medical experience for both patients and their doctors. The thing is, he just wasn’t quite sure what or where that would be.

“At the time, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for,” Dr. Iman explains. “It was more that I knew what I didn’t want. As it turns out, without knowing it I was actually searching for the ‘Crovetti Ortho’ environment. I just didn’t realize it until my path crossed Dr. Michael Crovetti’s and I discovered we had in common many opinions and goals about practicing medicine and how it could be improved.”

Among the things Dr. Iman was happy to discover about Crovetti Ortho were things not typically found within a doctor’s office or clinic.

“Certainly Crovetti Ortho is set apart by the fact that the Surgical and Recovery Suites are readily available in the building,” continues Dr. Iman. “But just as important is that patients enjoy the convenience of having physicians from differing specialties under one roof. Add to that the inclusion of a number of different diagnostic tools and imaging equipment – and it all adds up to an incredible benefit for patients.”

“These things eliminate the need for patients to make additional appointments at other locations to pursue their diagnoses or specialized treatment. It speeds up the entire process for patients who are in pain and seeking help. To be able to save them the time and hassle of referring them to other places for these things makes a huge difference to us both,” explains Dr. Iman.

But Dr. Iman also brings a unique something to Crovetti Ortho: his personal approach to patient care. “In some ways, I do things differently with my patients – because I prefer to be conservative when it comes to surgery,” he reveals. “In fact, my main goal is to keep you out of my operating room, if possible. I know that might sound unusual to people who think surgeons just like to ‘cut.’ But when I believe it’s an option, I prefer to explore nutrition and lifestyle changes with my patients, or possibly recommend the use of complementary or alternative medicines. And if I believe these things may help them avoid surgery, I will encourage them to pursue that path.

“It takes a lot of counseling and education for patients to be able to make the best effort, and as with many things it helps if they completely buy in to the program,” continues Dr. Iman. “It may not be easy, but for a significant number of my patients who stick with it, we may be able to avoid surgery for them. And that makes it well worth it. The first priority should always be your health, because everything else – including quality of life and even surgical outcomes – is downstream.”

Dr. Iman earned his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University, moving on to his Osteopathic Medical degree from Des Moines University in Iowa. He completed a 5-year residency at St. John Providence Health System in Detroit, Michigan, which included training at area hospitals such as Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford, William Beaumont, and DMC Children’s.

He then completed fellowship training in Adult Reconstruction at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida; and began practicing in Stuart, Florida. Dr. Iman is Board Eligible for the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopaedics.

Passionate about his career as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, when asked what drew him to his field, the response is one simple and down-to-earth: “I know it sounds cliché, but I really do have the desire to get my patients “back in their game” in a holistic sense. To keep them lively, active and healthy, and to help them recover from what may be one of their lowest points.” Cliché or not – how can one not love a doctor with a sincere response like that?

Dr. Crovetti states, “I’m really looking forward to working with Dr. Iman, as he’s a perfect fit with our philosophy at Crovetti Ortho. Knowing how dedicated he is to his patients’ health and well-being, there is no doubt he is an asset to the like-minded team of medical professionals here. Because getting our patients “Back in their game” is front-of-mind with everything we do.”

Drew Iman, DO- Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgeon at Crovetti Orthopaedics