David L - Knee Replacement

It was getting hard to walk. It was hurting to walk. I mean, I still tried it, but it was hurting the last day. Look, it’s time for you to get it. And she (my wife) says you’re going to see Crovetti (Othopaedics) because she had both of her knees done by Dr. Crovetti. Well, and I came up it was supposed to be and I they said, But Dr. Pandit will be doing yours. And I said, Let’s fine. I don’t care who does this so that they do a good job.

So they put me down there and he did. He did fantastic because they when they were in recovery, they came in, they said, ‘There’s a chair, we’ll push you over.’ I said, ‘Now give me that walker.’ And I walked from the recovery back to his back to my room where my room was. So they said, no way does it feels good.

Everything but everything went really great. And all I can say is and that was last August when I had it done. So that was good.