Debra - Knee Replacement

Basically, I could do nothing. Cleaning house, laundry, walking, spending time with my family was even difficult. Sometimes it’d be like I can spend a little bit and we got to got to get to take me home. I found out about Crovetti Othopaedics because I had had my other knee done by another doctor and I wasn’t going there twice!

And my friends, all my friends that I talked to, oh, you got to go there or you got to go there. You’ll love it. You’ll love them. So I made the appointment, apprehensively because I had a very bad experience with my first knee, so took me three years. I got it done by the doctor (Dr. Sandeep Pandit) here. The staff is incredible.

Incredible. The doctors, incredible. The whole facility is just so amazing. It’s just it’s an experience that you never, ever I’ve never had in my life. It’s always been in the hospital and, you know, grouchy nurses and everything. Amazing. I would do it over and over and over again. It was that amazing.

So and now we went shopping with my daughter a couple weeks ago. She’s like, Mom, I know you can’t probably do a Oh, I said, Let’s go. We went we were shopping probably about 6 hours. And I don’t shop, but 6 hours! And I never hurt one second. It is so amazing. So amazing. So I’m loving it. I’m loving it. I’m swimming. I’m spending time with the kids, grandkids. I’m just doing whatever I can do and helping my husband because he’s got some issues. So now I can I feel I can help them better. So it’s amazing. I love it. I recommend it to anybody.