Injury Prevention

It is so important that we protect our young athletes. These are kids that are having fun and sometimes we push them too hard. If a young kid is playing sports year-round on the same team the same sport, the chances of injury are exponentially higher. It is so good for these kids to change sports, to take a season off, to have a break, and potentially just play with their friends. The more we push our kids the more kids unfortunately we will hurt. It’s important that we keep in mind that these kids are rapidly growing and that their bones, muscles, and joints can’t take the type of work that sometimes we put them through.

I would refer you to a couple of websites. Major league baseball has coordinated with the Little League Association to carefully watch how many pitches our kids are throwing and how many days off they should have between. There’s also a great website called “Stop Sports Injuries” that can give you multiple details about the various sports to help us keep our kids safe.


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