Hunter - Pediatric Othopaedics

Okay, So we went to the hospital because Hunter had some pain in his knee, which then is where we met Dr. Powers. She was a doctor on call.

He was then admitted her quite a large knee. We weren’t sure what was going on, so she took him in for incision and drainage for the first one. So he was in for two weeks, still couldn’t figure out what was going on. We knew it was some sort of infection but couldn’t work it out.

So the second one the second week and worked out that it was a staph infection. So she did the second surgery and then kind of kept us going and trying to get him back and rehabilitated. And then after he was released, we followed up with her quite often and she has just been fantastic between her and Abigail. They have been amazing.

They helped get Hunter back on track, back to skiing, back to tennis, back to his friends at school. Yeah, they’ve just been amazing.