Jeffrey - Knee Replacement

My left knee, which was a full knee replacement in June of 2019, I look at that as a merit badge for a life well lived I was 61 years old, super physically active my entire life. I ski and powder ski as much as I possibly can many days every year and if I’m not skiing I’m on a mountain bike and it just degraded to the point where I could still ski reasonably well, but I couldn’t walk normally. I limped everywhere I couldn’t go up and down a flight of stairs except for one stair at a time there was just no I couldn’t lunge on the knee at all or put much weight on it when I was going up or down a set up stairs and I couldn’t walk without a limp.

I came to see Dr. C and he basically said you got two choices – you can get a full knee replacement or go buy a really comfortable rocking chair and find some hobbies that you can do sitting down cause your knee is done. So we went ahead with a full knee replacement cause I’m way too young to be refined to a chair. And I did all the physical therapy I went through it quick, a couple of months. Did all the work and learned pretty quickly for that to be successful just adopted the physical mindset, the mental mindset that hurts so good because you got to make it hurt to get the range of motion back, at least I did, so I did.

And a couple months I was back in my airplane, flying my airplane at week five; back on the mountain bike at week 9; I was done with physical by about week 11 with the same range of motion that I have today. I’ve skied 42 days so far this winter virtually all, almost all powder days – skiing, snowcat skiing, and the knee is bionic. I could athletically, it’s an incredible success story, 120% of what it should be and far exceeding my expectations of what it would be.

Could not be any happier in the entire Crovetti Orthopaedics experience. From ‘nice to meet you’ to final, post surgery visit A+ + in my book. And anyone that comes here to see Dr. Crovetti with his whole vertically integrated approach – The Surgery Center and the Recovery Suites and the skilled nursing for the first few days the home patient protocol for the first three weeks with a nurse coming by couple times a week and physical therapist coming by the house two or three times a week for the first three weeks. Get through that and you have a new leg and a new knee and a new life.