LaJenne - Pain Management

During an office visit with my pulmonary specialist, for sleep apnea, I was in so much pain that I said “please I need a doctor” because I won’t do drugs, I won’t do surgery and I won’t do an MRI. He referred me and that’s where I met Dr. Kucera. I’m not a surgical candidate because of my age and sleep apnea. As a retired chiropractor, there is no way I would take drugs. It was important that I find some way to get rid of the pain and get back to enjoying my life and my family. What I do not understand, as a chiropractor, is see what happens to people as they never heal from an injury, no matter how much settlement money they receive. To get the quality of life back, not be sedated, and not be a zombie, was important to me. Fortunately, I have been able to work with Dr. Kucera. I have noticed people think that you get one shot and you are better, or you get a pill and you are better. It takes time, it takes work, and my working with Dr. Kucera, with physical therapy, and my chiropractor has been really important.

Well, the first time I met Dr. Kucera I felt completely relaxed. We were able to discuss different topics in medicine. The first time I am in his office, which is upstairs, I was terrified when he said what he is going to do because as a chiropractor I saw several patients that were injured by an anesthesiologist. He said, “I do so and so, I like what I do, and I am good at it.” He never said, like most doctors say, we will try this and we will try that. It was like he loved what he did and was good at it and that was it. Dr. Kucera has shown time after time, that I could have given up but he is so gentle, so personable and so professional that I know he always has something that will help. He instructs other doctors how to use his techniques. It is not “just a shot”. The last procedure he did, I researched afterward is supposed to be so painful it needs two kinds of sedation besides regular sedation an additional sedation to erase memory of the pain. I do not need sedation with Dr. Kucera. He’s so accurate, he’s so gentle and he is so professional. My quality of life has improved greatly.

We have lived in Las Vegas 59 years and have gone from no doctors, to travelling to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego or LaJolla for care. I will drive anywhere in Las Vegas Valley for a doctor that is good. Dr Kucera is excellent. I drove across town when he was at a previous practice. I fail to understand people that will not drive away from their immediate neighborhood. We use to have to go out of state to have the quality of a doctor that Dr. Kucera is, and the quality of the Crovetti’s and how they want people to get well. That is important. Las Vegas is a healing community, bringing people from other places that do not have the opportunities and Dr. Kucera who is just amazing. He is brilliant. He is very well educated, numerous degrees and the gentlest touch as a physician. I do not feel pain. I have the procedure without sedation because I do not want to be sedated, and have no pain with the procedure. Dr. Kucera does not give up trying to help patients, and I do not give up trying to help people understand that they do not have to take drugs, they do not have to be incapacitated, and they don’t have to have surgery (some of them do not). I can not and will not have surgery. I can not and will not take drugs. As an aside, I have had two MRI’s to assist Dr. Kucera’s diagnosis and treatment.