Larry W - Shoulder Surgery

The first time I came into Crovetti Orthopaedics, I moved in from Florida, and I had trouble with my knee. I heard the best doctors in town were Crovetti Orthopaedics, so I came in and saw Dr. Crovetti himself. I couldn’t walk on it. It was my leg, I’d get a sharp pain like someone was jabbing me with an ice pick and I said it’s time to get it worked on. So he did the x-rays, looked at it, and said that we need to get to it right away. The best part about it was I didn’t have a doctor here then, a general practice doctor, or anything like that, so he said, ‘not a problem. When do you want to do it?’ I said, ‘I’d like to do this as soon as we can.’ He says, ‘Ok. I’m going to try to get it done within three weeks out.’

So we had a doctor down the hall at the time. She was an attending physician at all of the surgeries. I went to her she did all of the lab work and everything I needed. I got my strip ready, and within three weeks, I was ready and got the surgery done. I stayed at the recovery suites here. The Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites are phenomenal, can not say enough about them. My wife was able to stay and sleep in the bed chair. The food was brought in when you ordered it, just top-notch excellent service from the beginning to the end. Everything the doctor told me about the surgery, ‘This is how it’s going to go, you should be back to ninety-five (percent); everyone is different. The recovery is different with how percentage later on is.’ It was exactly what he told me. My knees been great ever since.

Then, later on, my shoulder started bothering me, and I played football in college and did construction, and construction beats you up. So when I did the construction trade, my left shoulder was getting bone on bone. I came in to see Dr. Pinegar, Dr. P, and he said, ‘Here, lets do that, and of course, we’ll do the x-rays again.’ He goes, ‘Yup! So here’s what’s going to happen, we’ll do a reverse joint, a total shoulder replacement.’ Which he did. This was going to be the day and stay overnight.

Next day same recovery; now, I did that at a hospital. I did out-of-house recovery in a hospital, which was an excellent hospital, good choice, and the surgery went phenomenal. My arms back to ninety-nine point nine percent. I can not say nothing about it. Same strength lifting, flexibility, reflexes, excellent with it! And then, of course, later on, because we’re getting older, I had to do my right shoulder.

So I came in and said, ‘Well, let me do the cortisone shots until it hurts, and I can’t stand it no more.’ So I got a couple of those and about six months in I said, ‘I’m ready for that shoulder.’ So we did it again, and he said, ‘Now the surgeries are going to be the same surgery, but the recovery time will be different because it’s a different part of the body.’ I said, ‘Ok.’ So, of course, I went through the surgery, went great, of course. The recovery was a little different. The other one I didn’t bruise on, this one, I was purple from my neck down to my waist. I looked like Barney, and I’m going like, ‘Oh, a little bit of bruising.’ My arm swelled up. There was different things I’m going like, ‘Oh wow!’ So I’m calling the office; they’re always very good about answering your questions, reassuring you about the surgeries going, ‘You know you always got to remember, the rehab is not going to be the same. Take your medication.’

It went good, so two weeks later, it’s kind of back to normal, and shoulders healing and feeling good. I was doing physical therapy downstairs at Tim Soder Physical Therapy cause it’s in the same building and I like them. And if I need to come upstairs and complain I can, which I never needed to do, but it’s nice and convenient having them here. They’ll listen; they’ll get you in if they can if you need to. Another experience again, it worked out well. I’ve told my neighbor. She came and had her shoulder done, loved it. Have another gentleman that’s going to come and get a hip or shoulder done. I can not say enough about them, professionals. They answer your questions, they can have a good time, are just down to earth, do what they need to do, and get it done.