Marc - Shoulder Scope

I was lifting weights and my shoulder was started getting considerably worse where I couldn’t lift anymore; I could barely lift myself out of bed. I was coming up on 50 and I work in law enforcement so it was getting hard to work on top of that. I came to Dr. Pinegar and he set me up for surgery. I was going in for my blood work and the day I was having my blood work I ended up stopping a fight and hurting myself even worse so I was out of work for like another 30 days before my surgery. So, by the time we got in there my rotator cuff was torn, my bicep tendon was torn, my labrum was completely torn off, which he repaired it all. Six weeks in a sling and then another four or five months in physical therapy and it was a long road. It was painful, but Dr. Pinegar was amazing.

In December I finished my physical therapy, by January I was back in the gym and here I am – three months later and I’m lifting weights. They’re not heavy anymore, but I’m still working out I’m feeling good, I lost a lot of weight and I’m back to work. Dr. Pinegar was nice, he went through the whole procedure, my alternatives and he told me what the surgery was going to be like. He told me it was going to be a long road, in depth surgery but he didn’t know how bad it was inside until he got inside. For my recovery, he was there if we needed him. Like a couple days following the surgery we had some issues with pain and he was there to answer questions or help us out with the pain management. My follow up appointments with him were great! He was friendly, he was accommodating and anything we needed we were free to ask him. So I couldn’t ask for a better doctor.