Mia - Knee Arthoscopy

I’m a dancer, and I’ve been dancing my whole life, and I’ve always had a little bit of issues with my knee, But they were never too serious. And about three months ago, I decided to try a new trick. And I did it a few times correctly. And one time I tried it and my knee just went right out of place. It dislocated, so I had to go to the E.R. and have them put it back in. And it was super scary. But thankfully nothing was broken.

So that was all good because that would have been a little more scary. But my dance teacher told me that I couldn’t see any other doctor but Dr. Vera and that she was the best possible care that I could get for my knee. Dr. Vera was also a dancer, and she was trained by my ballet teacher, so it just seemed like the right fit.

And we came and she got us in really fast. And my surgery was only like a week or two after my first appointment, and I’ve just been recovering so well. I have to go to physical therapy, which is not my favorite, but I know it’s helping out a lot. And yeah, it’s just been so much better. I can now bend my knee and move around and walk without the fear that it will dislocate and yeah, it’s just been so awesome.