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coverDr. Michael J. Crovetti loves his work. His passion for joint replacement and orthopedic surgery has resulted in the creation of a surgery and recover center that is the first of its kind. Dr. Crovetti founded Croveti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in 2000, The Coronado Surgical Center in 2008 and the Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites in 2010. The Surgical Recovery Suites represent Dr. Crovetti’s pursuit of excellence in orthopedics and joint replacement surgeries.

Recently, Nueterra Healthcare has partnered with Dr. Crovetti, and his Total Joint Outpatient Program and Care Suites model. The care delivery model allows for outpatient hip and knee replacements to improve efficiency in a setting with greater control over clinical outcomes. Within the soon to be known as “Care Suites Powered by Nueterra”, Cr. Crovetti performs minimally invasive joint replacements. Dr. Crovetti has performed nearly 7,000 total joint replacement procedures throughout his career. To date, over 700 patients have had Total Hip and Knee Replacements at his outpatient surgery center, and then recovered like a rockstar in his care suites. Dr. Crovetti encourages early ambulation for his patients, as well as the ability to get their lives back as soon as possible by walking again, playing again, and recovering quickly after surgery.

Dr. Crovetti takes pride in the tremendous growth of his practice over the years and explains, “The surgeons and staff at Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine are proud to be part of the Summerlin, Las Vegas, Henderson medical community. We are very grateful for the trust that the patients in our city have had in us and we will continue to provide innovative surgical techniques, a safe and clean surgical environment, and a first of its kind surgical recovery experience with proven results. We’re proud to have helped our patients recover like rockstars at our Surgical Recovery Suites, and we look forward to helping all those seeking the best and fastest path to getting back in their game.”

Because he loves his active lifestyle, Dr. Crovetti can relate to his patients. “I love these people – they are essentially, me. They’re hiking, skiing, playing tennis, cycling; they want to be better.”