Patti - Knee Replacement

I am retired and I like playing tennis and pickle ball and a few years ago my knees started giving me problems. Everybody kept telling me I was limping a lot, they were waking me up at night, and I was in pain, but I was totally afraid of having surgery because I was thinking once I had surgery I wouldn’t get to play tennis, I wouldn’t get to play pickle ball, and my life would be over. So I had a friend I was playing pickle ball with who said she had hip issues, went to Dr. Crovetti, and she’s playing pickle ball and had both hips done within six weeks and I was pretty impressed that she did that.

So I got brave, I went to Dr. Crovetti, and he did my right knee and within three months I was playing pickle ball in tournaments. So when I went and I had the surgery, I went to his surgical center which is another reason I was happy about going to him. I didn’t want to go in the hospital, I was afraid of infection. People who have knees that’s a big issue, and his percentage is so low I felt really safe there. And then the whole atmosphere of the people that took care of me they were really friendly, they were supportive, they listened to my every need, and they were supportive in me walking. And I was shocked after surgery that I was walking around and walking the walls and I had a brand new knee, so the whole environment made it easy for me to get better. And so everything was set up for me, I went to in-home car, had the home health; I didn’t have to work anything out.

The staff, Dr. Crovetti staff, had everything lined out so my care went just like clockwork and so that made a difference and made it easier too and made it to my health. So it was good enough that when my second knee started waking me up at night and was hurting I went through the whole process again. I’ve told all my friends I’ve told anybody who has a knee issue I recommend Dr. Crovetti and several friends have been through him already and thank me very much for that referral.