Robert C - Shoulder Surgery

It started about three years ago. I was having really bad knee and feet problems. My knees would swell up, my feet would swell up, I would fall down when I was walking and it was very painful. I don’t remember how I got Dr. Crovetti, but I ended up seeing Dr. Crovetti.

He gave me the option; this is what I like about Crovetti Orthopaedics, they give you options. The first one was, ‘We can give you a shot and see how that works. You know we are not going to jump into surgery.’ I felt that was good, and so I took the shot, but then I came back a month later and said, ‘Hey, it was great for a month, but I’m back where I was.’ I had no cartilage in the knee, and so we did the knee surgery.

His staff and Dr. Crovetti were just excellent. The care here at the facility, being able to come in for three days instead of having to go home that night, was a really good thing. They worked with you. They got me up walking the same day I had the knee replacement. I had the physical therapy at home; I was able to go through that process with the physical therapy and the physical therapy at the location. I recovered from that, but I had problems.

So recently, I believe I fell and tore my rotator cuff, and I came back and saw Dr. Pinegar. Again, he gave me some options, and we discussed it and felt that the best thing to do was to have the surgery. So, I had the surgery. The first thing that stood out to me was that after three days, he said, ‘Ok, you’re going to go to physical therapy.’ I thought, ‘I’m in a sling. I can’t do anything.’ I went because I wanted to get better, and that was the best that ever happened. So after three months of physical therapy, I got to the point where I thought I’m kind of at the max of what I’m going to get out of this. I asked the doctor if I could go to the gym because I was kind of afraid he would say no. He said, ‘Yeah, let’s try that.’ So I started going to the gym, and when I went back to the gym, I rode a bike for five minutes, I walked for maybe five minutes, I swam two lengths of the pool. Since then, for two months, I’ve upped my bike; I now ride ten miles a day or every other day. I walk about two and a half miles, and every day I swim a half mile which is unbelievable that I swim a half-mile. Besides recovering from these things, I’ve lost twenty pounds in two months, so that in itself was worth it. It just motivated me. I felt good after the physical therapy, and now I feel even better.