Russell - Shoulder

I had shoulder pain for about fifteen years and I believe it started from playing tennis and wearing out my shoulder a little bit playing tennis. Literally was in pain for fifteen years and it’s funny once you get used to it and overtime it got worse. And over the past year or so it got really bad and I had actually quit the band – something I love more than anything. Even working as a computer IT engineer and reaching for the mouse, being on the keyboard all day was painful. Your life starts diminishing and you can’t do things and I’m not that old to have to stop doing things.

I decided I was going to get my shoulder looked at and I wanted to go with more of a sports medicine/orthopedic guy and someone told me about this place, a friend of mine had his knees done at Crovetti Orthopaedics and so I came here.

I met Dr. Pinegar and it was a great experience. The whole experience was fantastic. At first it’s a little scary any surgery is a little scary, but the process and the surgery in this office was so fantastic. I can’t be more grateful. Dr. Pinegar put the music back in my life and you can’t even put that into words what that means. Its even strange, its been five months now, going on five months, since my surgery.

After the surgery I didn’t even take any pain pills. The rehab was so quick and easy and about four/six weeks later I started lightly working out and growing from there. I was back, I was home the next day and back to work in two weeks. Nobody could believe that and I feel like a million dollars. Having a pain free life, it almost feels surreal, I’m almost not used to not being in pain it’s an amazing experience. I couldn’t say more about this office and Dr. Pinegar.