Steve - Hip Replacement

I had my first hip replaced in a hospital 10 years ago and at that time, the doctor had told me a had no cartilage in the other hip either. Since I wasn’t experiencing any pain, so why don’t you go as long as you can without it. Starting last summer, I started noticing that with every step I took or when I cycled, I started to notice the pain.

I did my homework and I asked a lot of people and Dr. Crovetti’s name kept coming up. I wanted to go the best so I chose Dr. Crovetti. From the minute I walked into his office, the whole thing is a first class experience. I appreciated the office layout and the fact that they did the x-ray right there at my first consultation. He said ‘Pick a Monday and let’s go!’

I showed up for the surgery, things were efficient and went off to surgery. I woke up from surgery in my room – thought I’d get an hour or two to feel sorry for myself but the nurses got me up and said I was going to start walking down the hall. It was really incredible. The pain was already gone in my hip and within two weeks I was driving my car. I used a walker and a cane for a couple of weeks and then I was up and ‘running.’

With my previous surgery being in a hospital setting, the Coronado Surgical Suites was a level so much higher than before. As an old football coach from Texas, even the football field in the hallway was strangely motivational for me. From the football goal posts and cheering fans to the motivational quotes on the wall it was all motivational. I really enjoyed being here.

The nurses and the physical therapy people gave first-class treatment. The food is outstanding. I was actually hoping to lose some weight. They have this incredible menu for breakfast and lunch and then they bring in Chili’s for dinner so I ate like a champ!

I just can’t say enough about the quality of treatment I had. Dr. Crovetti’s skill set and the care and concern of the nurses and physical therapy folks around here. The facilities are awesome. I’m not trying to blow sunshine up anybody’s hat, I’m telling you this was an incredible experience.