Todd - Knee Replacement

Well, it all started probably about thirty years ago. Being a fireman for thirty years, I started having knee problems, and eventually, my knee got so bad I had to seek out a surgeon. I’ve known quite a few of the firefighters that had gone to Dr. Crovetti and had great success, so I was like, hey, I want to go to the best. I went to see Dr. Crovetti, and he pretty much told me, ‘hey, your knee is worn out, and we’re going to have to do something about it.’

Going back a bit, my knee was getting so bad every time I hiked, every time I went hunting, the pain. I couldn’t walk as far; at night time, the pain was so severe that eventually, I just had to do something about my knee. Eventually, I went to see Dr. Crovetti.

From walking in the first time and meeting Dr. Crovetti, the staff and everybody there was super friendly and very informative. Basically told me everything that was going to happen from start to finish and it happened just like that. The day I came in for surgery, the wait time at Dr. Crovetti’s office had a very short wait time. The nursing staff was awesome; the pain management staff was very helpful and got me through until I finally had my surgery.

I went to the Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites afterwards, and it even got better! If I hadn’t had my knee replaced at that time, I would’ve thought I was on vacation. It was so nice at the recovery suites. The staff there, the physical therapy that they put me through, and Dr. Crovetti came in to see me every day I was there. I was only there for two days, but they made everything super comfortable. The follow-up after I left the surgical center with the rehab and my follow-up visits with Dr. Crovetti to see how things have progressed were second to none. I can’t say enough about Dr. Crovetti and the staff that he has here. Definitely the best experience I’ve had with any type of surgery that I’ve had before; it was unbelievable.

I would definitely recommend him. I’ve recommended him to numerous friends of mine that have needed knee surgery, and they come to Dr. Crovetti, and they have the same story. So I mean, it’s not just a one-time deal. It’s everybody that he sees will walk away with a success story with what they had done.