A Letter of Thanks

Dr. Crovetti,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service you gave me with my hip replacement.

The day I came into Crovetti Orthopaedics to get an appointment, the girls at the front desk were so understanding and helped me with my insurance. They got me an appointment as fast as possible when I told them I had been suffering for a long time and knew it was time to get something done.

After meeting you and going over everything, I knew that I had chosen the right doctor for the procedure. When the day came to get the procedure done, the staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Barth and Dr. Fortunato were both very professional. After waking up and being moved to the recovery suite, the nurses there were just as professional.

I also want to thank Donna, Kathy, Jamie and Shaunacie. I cannot thank you enough for making the quality of my life so much better. I never thought that I would get back into the gym and be able to train as hard as I did before.

Thank you so much and thank you for the professional manner of all the people at Crovetti Orthopaedics.

Gregg Leighton

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