Albert - Collarbone

I’ve been coming to Dr. Crovetti’s office for over twenty years. I’m a forty-year Las Vegas resident, so when he first got started, it’s been great. He’s got a great facility here, great doctors, and I’ve been through several of them.

This time Dr. Pinegar fixed me up pretty good after breaking my collarbone twice. I can now have no pain, no nothing, and it’s all really good. I’ve been very successful in terms of playing some golf, and now I’m back to flying my model airplanes again.

That’s been it, my two hobbies besides coaching football, which I did for forty years. I coached in major college football for twenty years and ten years in the pros. I retired in two thousand and five and took up golf again but I went back to my regular hobby of building and flying model airplanes, which I really enjoy doing very much.