Anika - Ankle Fracture

So my family and I were on spring break, and we had been in town for five hours and went and had dinner, and I was walking and there was a hole in the sidewalk and I just didn’t see it fell ankle or but I heard it snap. And, we were in Arizona, so we had to drive 45 minutes to Flagstaff, and we saw the doctor there, and he said, it’s not just I thought, well, I have a cast on it. I’ll be fine. Good to go. But he said, no, when you get back home, you’ll need a surgeon. You need surgery. It was broken in three places.

So I came back home. We found Doctor Walters, and, within like two days, got in. It was super awesome getting in. I told them they got me in quick, and, we went met her and she went over what had happened is broken in three places. We need to put pins and screws. Went over the process and she just was amazing. Made me feel so comfortable. Made me feel just like everything was going to be fine. I’ve never broken anything in my life, but she was just, you know, made me feel comfortable and made me feel ripping was going to be fine. We had this whole planned vacation and everything, and she’s like, no, you know, like you’re going to be out for a little bit.

So, we went through all the pre-op. She’s like, you got to go get cleared, things like that. But we’re going to get you one within two weeks like this really quick. So we went in, got everything taken care of, and, she took care of me. She took great care of me. I felt like she was just. I didn’t need to given a second opinion. She made me feel like she got it and had it under control. She just was. I loved her confidence in it and just feeling that I was going to be back to normal.

So she did the surgery, went through recovery, you know, came back and forth to see her a couple times and, she just took care of me throughout the way and helped me feel confident again in that I would be able to do the things that I had done before. And so, she just. Yeah, she just took care of me. She took great care of me. The staff was amazing. The facility was amazing. I just had a great experience when people asked me, oh, you know, I’ve had a couple people. Where did you go? Who did you see? And I just think of her all the time, and I’m just like, she’s, she’s awesome. Like, she just. Dr. Walters is just so small but mighty! She just. I love her. So I will always be thankful for her, for getting me back to doing what I love to do. And mom, most of all. And so yeah, just super thankful for her.