Brendan - Hip Replacement

At 38 years old, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my right hip. It was from an injury 15 years earlier. Walking on it wrong got so bad that, as a performer, I would literally come off stage limping. The clients would come up and say, “Are you OK?” and I would say, ‘oh yeah.’…. You don’t want to say I’m 38 and I have severe arthritis, so I would just say I was rough-housing with my kids and keep making excuses.

When I finally started asking around town, everyone said you have to see Dr. Crovetti. The name just kept coming up. So I came in and he took an x-ray and said “I can’t believe you’ve waited this long and are still walking.” I was able to hide it on stage with the mannerisms, but not on the x-ray and he finally said, “Let’s do it.”

I had my first hip surgery done at St. Rose Hospital and Boom! It was literally an overnight difference and I had my life back. Even my kids said, “Dad, just to see you run now.” I guess it was so out-of-whack, running looked crazy!

That was the first hip and of course a couple years later, the other one generally needed to be done. I came to the Surgery Center this time for the procedure and they set me up (night and day) in the recovery suites, which was UNBELIEVABLE! You can get it done and stay at the Outpatient Surgical Recovery Suites where I was literally treated like a ‘King.’

Having two good hips now is the best thing ever! I even stand a little taller at 6′ 4″ (6′ 7″ with hair) – people say, “You look taller,” but I respond, ‘It’s the new hips.’ This saved my life and saved my career, so hats off to Dr. Crovetti for giving me longevity in my career.