Chris L - Hip/Knee Replacement

Well, let me tell you something, Dr. Crovetti came highly recommended from a friend of mine and all I can tell you is that I came down and from day one, minute one, the staff was amazing. I’ve had both hips and my right knee replaced. I’ve been what I call a ‘chronic patient’ coming to see the doctor. 

The staff here is amazing, the facility is amazing and the people here have just treated me like a king from day one. I highly recommend Dr. Crovetti and his staff to anyone who really wants the care they’re looking for and the recovery that makes them get back to what makes them do their lives and make them happy. I’ll be 54 years old this year and I still feel like I’m 25. So anyone who is looking for a doctor for orthopedic surgery, there is nobody better. Highly recommend Dr. Crovetti and his staff!