Christopher - Hip Replacement

Before this surgery I was just having trouble walking. I walk a lot at my job, over a couple miles a day, and it was to the point like the last four months or five months before this I was limping really badly. Actually, my co-workers would come up to be and go, ‘Are you okay?’ It was just that bad. I was just having trouble getting from place to place. I work out at the airport and there was a time when someone had left a cane in one of the gate areas and I was going to take it to lost and found, and I actually used the cane to get to lost and found that’s how bad my hip was. It was horrible. I’d love to go for walks with my wife. We would go every night and towards the end before I just had to stop I couldn’t walk on the sidewalk because of the driveways; it was just so uneven it would just hurt my hip. I would have to walk in the street and then duck out of the street when the cars were coming and walk back in, and then it just got so bad I couldn’t do it at all. So it was really, really tough for me. Another big thing is our 25-year-old daughter she works at Disneyland and every once in a while she’d say, ‘Come on down dad we’ll do Disneyland.’ We’ve done it since she was a little kid. We love doing it together and I was thinking to myself I could never walk that park again. So just knowing that I can do that stuff now…excuse me…it just makes me so happy.