Corey - Elbow Dislocation

All right. So, last year, I was leaving a basketball game I just officiated, I fell off a pretty steep embankment and then ended up, dislocating and fracturing my my left elbow. Unfortunately, with that injury, I was not able to to officiate, basketball at all. I learned about, Crovetti Orthopaedics. Did some research. Also got a referral right from Summerlin hospital where I was treated initially.

I got to know, Doctor Michelin, and he explained everything he was going to do. He said that this was new technology that they were using and that it would be a much quicker recovery. I had my surgery and went through three and a half months of physical therapy, but with the help of Doctor Michelin, the staff, everybody. It just, you know, allowed me to get back out onto the football field, get back out onto the basketball court at a much, much quicker pace. And it allows me to make the correct calls.