Dennis - Shoulder Surgery

It began with the deterioration of my shoulders and I had to start preparing to recover. The first step I took was mental preparation. I knew it was necessary, I knew that both of them were severely damaged so I took the time when I came out to Las Vegas, after relocating about a year and a half ago. 

When I got out here I had a friend make a referral to Dr. Crovetti’s office and I met up with Dr. Pinegar. That, again, was part of the mental preparation because I had to be sold on the success that I was looking for from the doctor. Dr. Pinegar gave me that confidence to pull the trigger on getting my shoulders fixed.

I set up the appointment and we fixed the first shoulder in July of 2020 and the immediate relief gave me that confidence. In 3 days I called back and scheduled to have my left shoulder done. It’s still under a year, but the progress has been excellent. 

Again, I want to say something very important, which is mental preparation. I was mentally prepared to get the surgery done, I was metnally prepared to trust the doctor and I was mentally prepared to succeed with the recovery. I’m on my way and I know it’s a crawl, walk, run process, but I’m not giving up and I’m going to take it all back!