Don - Quadricep Repair

Well, unfortunately, I had an uncontrolled fall when I took a misstep in my garage, landed on my knee and ruptured my quad tendon. I ended up seeing Dr. Pinegar and coming to Crovetti’s clinic. Dr. Pinegar scheduled me for surgery right away. The surgery went very well, it took half an hour. The staff was great. I was out of here within two hours of the surgery at home on my way to recovery.

Within a week I was back to seeing Dr. Pinegar and in physician therapy. That went very well. Over the course of four months, wearing a brace for half that time day and night. My knee is completely recovered. I’m completely back to full activities including the running program that I ceased today injured myself.

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery and I feel that they have done an excellent job. I recommend that anyone come here if they have any orthopedic needs.