Elias - Humerus Fracture

I got hurt on October 4th. I went to the hospital for emergency. They did an X-ray on me and they found out I had a broken shoulder, broken arm. So. Which is, they affect me a lot because I work at the airport doing luggage, and I’m using my arms a lot. So when they told me the news, that’s bad news for me, so I thought I would, I might work has been messed up forever. So they sent me to a specialists. The specialist first told me he can’t do arms or elbows so he referred me to Doctor Richard Michelin.

I went to the Doctor Richard. He took a look at it and right away he told me I can get surgery on the 11th. So that was too quick that went with him. He did the surgery. Six more with my arm and my chest up. And then went to physical therapy. After four months, I’m back in business. No restrictions on my work. I was I thinking my work is going to put some kind of restrictions on my limits. You do that and I just do my regular work normally, perfectly. No problem at all.