Back Pain

With mid back pain and low back pain, that is some of the most common things that I see here in the clinic, and I do see a lot of scoliosis patients so that can definitely be giving you the mid back pain. I see a lot of sprains, strains, but also postural syndromes. A lot of our daily activities: driving, eating, typing, they really work against us and we get into this forward posture and forward lean, so that can definitely be causing the back pain. Low back pain, again, is it arthritis, do you have a disc injury in there, is it just a sprain, strain, that with just a little bit of time and proper care it will heal itself, but then you could also get sciatica. Sciatica is when you are getting numbness, burning, tingling, shooting down your legs. It’s debilitating, I do not wish this upon anybody. But if it’s something that you deal with please give me a call.


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