How much recovery time do i need for my shoulder arthroscopy surgery?

Following shoulder arthroscopy surgery, it is important that we get your shoulder moving right away. If you have had a repair of your rotator cuff or other tissues in the shoulder, it may require you to be in a sling. Typical recovery following this procedure may take up to four to six weeks in the sling and an additional six to eight weeks in aggressive physical therapy to reach your goals. In that entire year, you will continue to get better every month. If no repair of tissue is performed in your shoulder, our goal is for you to move it right away. A sling will be there certainty for your comfort, but we encourage you to move the arm as quickly as possible. Typically, six weeks after surgery, you may return to activities you enjoy such as throwing a ball, hitting a tennis racquet, and maybe even playing a little racquetball. Our goal is to get you back in your game.


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