Shoulder Arthroscopy (Scope)

A shoulder scope or shoulder arthroscopy is a procedure where we place a camera in the back of the shoulder through a small incision. After the camera has been placed in the shoulder, we use a series of other incisions and very specialized instruments during surgery to address what is going on inside the shoulder. Whether this be the labrum whether this be the rotator cuff or bone spurs, each of these conditions can be addressed through a series of these small one centimeter or less incisions in you shoulder. These are outpatient procedures. The anesthesiologist will talk to you about pain control usually with a regional anesthetic or a nerve block to help with your pain for that first night. Afterwards you go back home and the dressing will stay in place for two days after which you can start doing some range of motion and work with physical therapy. I see you back in my office in about two weeks and we further discuss what will happen during surgery and what you can expect as you go forward.


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