Rally Recovery – Post Surgery Day 22

Today is day 22. Maybe two or three days or a week away from coming to see us in the office, and you’re working hard on bending this knee. Hopefully now you’ve put together maybe four, five, or six hours of sleep. You’re getting out, you’re doing something, you’re starting to get your head back in the game. Maybe you’re back to work a little bit, but this incision is still tender, there’s still a vise grip around that knee, there’s still swelling so keep up with that ice, especially at the end of the day because you’re starting to get more active. Hopefully you’re starting to eat a little better and get some nutrition behind you. So keep working hard I’ll see you soon in the office. Remember, we’re going to get that knee flat, get it past 90 degrees, and keep kicking some butt. Congrats on day 22.


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