Rib Pain

Let’s talk a little bit about rib pain. So, with this symptom, if you’re trying to take a big deep breath in and you’re getting a pinch or a sticking pain, usually that’s going to be a rib head fixation. I’ve had many patients actually go to the urgent care or the ER thinking that they can’t breathe and it’s something serious. They come in to me, we set that real quick and they actually get that instant gratification. So, if you’re having any type of difficulty expanding those lungs or rib cage, it could just be a simple rib head that a chiropractor can help with. Additionally though, I do treat a lot of athletes and a lot of jiu-jitsu and football players. And that intercostal tissue, whether they get twisted up or turned the wrong way, they can injure and tear some of that tissue. It can take quite a bit of time for that to actually heal up, but I’ve definitely got an arsenal of tools in my pocket that I can expedite those results.


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