What are Hip & Knee Revisions?

What is hip and knee revision surgery? I think to go through that I would start out with saying that total hip and knee replacement are two of the most common, and most successful surgeries that we perform in orthopedics. But, despite a success, just like anything, there are instances where a hip or a knee replacement can undergo a failure, and this could result in a previously well functioning surgery resulting in a new pain or dysfunction that wasn’t there after the surgery was completed. Trying to determine what the cause of that is and the solution can be a very simple, but can also be a very complex type of endeavor. The first thing is to determine at what point the joint started to not feel well, and this could be fairly soon after the surgery, or it could even be a decade or more after surgery. There are also various mechanisms in which a total joint replacement can fail. These include things like infection, which could occur right after the surgery or also can occur fairly late, there other types of failure such as instability, or even the implant bond between the bone and the metal can actually become loose overtime. The key is to try to find the actual cause of the arthroplasty failure. The reason being is that if revision surgery or redo surgery is considered to be a possible solution you really wanna try to zero in on the reason because a revision surgery could be anywhere from changing out a single part to having to change out the entire knee or hip replacement and redo it in its entirety. Hip and knee replacement revisions can be very big surgeries and are generally not meant to be taken lightly. The key is to be systematic and try to identify the reason that the arthroplasty had failed and this maximizes the chance that a revision surgery will be successful.


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