What to Expect After Foot & Ankle Surgery?

After foot and ankle surgery, the majority of the time patients are non weight bearing for about six weeks. So you usually wake up from surgery with a splint, similar to a cast, it’s plastered hard, but wrapped with an ace wrap to allow for swelling. You stay in that for two weeks, we bring you in, take a look at the incision and if everything looks good, get your sutures out and then usually were able to put you into a CAM boot that allows easier hygiene and a little bit of ankle and foot range of motion, and that next four weeks. At six weeks, we take an x-ray, and as long as that looks good for most things we are able to start weight-bearing. There are a few fractures that involve joints in the foot and ankle that we actually have to keep you non weight bearing for a total of three months, but those are unusual and the majority of time it’s just six weeks.


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