Gil - Hip Replacement

I was referred to Dr. Crovetti by a couple of my friends who had hip and knee surgeries and they raved about him. He was very busy but I was able to get in to see him. I was surprised and happy when I had the chance to meet with him and spend time with him. He has a bedside manner like no other.

Dr. Crovetti explained everything he was going to do. He told me how long the surgery was going to be and shortly afterward it was done, he gave me a walker and told me to ‘walk to your room.’ I was in disbelief because I just had hip replacement surgery. Sure enough, the nurse helped me back to my room and that was my therapy.

I tell everybody whether they need it or not, go get a hip replacement. This guy is the best!

Any question I had he was answering technically and otherwise, so I could understand it. When I asked when I could start playing golf again, he said ‘about six weeks.’

I started playing golf again. Now I have a knee that we’ve spoke about and once I get that done, I’ll have a hip…a knee…and maybe a facelift! I’ll be back in action!