Gino - Hip Replacement

About eight years ago, I started developing some hip pain. Because I’ve done martial arts for a long period of my life, I was a little confused about what was going on. I waited and it became extremely painful.

My wife and I looked into doctors and we found Dr. Crovetti’s office. They were very genuine and took me in right away. I met with Dr. Crovetti and he showed me an x-ray of my hips and I had to have a double hip replacement.

We did the surgeries a month apart. He wanted to do my right hip first so I could drive – sooner than later. I came in, did my right hip and the next month, did my left hip.

As I went through the process with Dr. Crovetti, his staff in the surgical center was fantastic! I can’t put into words how great the experience was, they were just tremendous! They cared.

The recovery rooms were fantastic. I had my own room, TV and bathroom. I got up every three hours and did my physical therapy like I was supposed to. The nurses would check on me whenever I needed anything. During my time there, I built relationships with them and it feels like family.

Now, because of the two hip replacement surgeries, I don’t have any pain. I can bend down and pick things up. I can tie my shoes. Now I’m back in the gym and the dojo training doing whatever I want to do. It’s wonderful!