Jeani - Hip Replacement

I had a problem walking at to the point where I would have to rest. I worked in the hotel, so it was probably a good half mile from the hotel to parking and I’d actually have to stop and walk, stop and rest and sit on a bench and then get up and continue walking.

Now, I mean, now I can walk, I can jump. I’m just ecstatic with the service that I’ve had with with the Crovetti Orthopaedics group. And Dr. Pandit was just wonderful. The entire staff actually, they really made me feel like I was part of their family because they treat all of their staff and their patients as though we were one big family.

I was truly in awe of having my surgery done in the Surgery Center, and it was just so funny because everybody would come in and they go, ‘What’s your name?’ ‘What day is it?’ asking you, ‘Why you were here?’ And ‘Are you sure it’s the left hip?’ And every nurse, they would come in and then the doctors. Well, ‘Why are you here?’ ‘Which hip are you in for?’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘What is your name?’. It was truly funny. I think at the end when you actually went into the recovery room, I had the most fun. I mean, I was just amazed that after the surgery, which took it seemed like 15 minutes and maybe it was an hour, but after an hour of being in recovery, they had you walking up and down and in the recovery room, the floor is marked like a football field, like a gold post and the goal posts. Down at the end then you would walk and you would kind of shuffle and you’re your therapist is holding on to you like a little leashed dog with a little strap around your waist, making sure you didn’t fall and you’d walk down to the goal when you walked back. It was a lot of fun. I’m nosey too, so I had to poke my head in and visit with all the other patients that were in all the rooms. So it’s like being almost in a dormitory, but it was great.

I can go on and I can just go on and on about the staff and all the wonderful care that I got while I was here.