Jerome - Knee/ Reverse TSA

I was referred to Crovetti Orthopaedics with my primary care and then Dr. Pinegar. One of the best experiences I’ve had. Fall of ’17 he took care of my right shoulder it was the rotator cuff was completely gone I had to do what was called a reverse TSA, which is a total shoulder replacement in reverse. It came out wonderful. I’ve got more motion than most people said I would ever have. I have full range of motion now which is totally, totally satisfying and more importantly, no pain anymore. Then I met him again in the Spring when I was having trouble with my knee, knowing after doing the test we knew we had to do a knee replacement that I didn’t want to mess up my activities during the summer up at Duck Creek Village with the ATV and then fishing. And so I had him write me a prescription so I could do physical therapy. Went to the physical therapist got a script to do home physical therapy worked with it through the summer with the help of some pain medication.

And then in the fall had my left knee replaced and it’s great! Total movement, no pain, no discomfort, no restrictions, back to doing everything I like to do. Before my shoulder surgery I was really restricted on being able to fish because I like trout fishing. Needless to say when you’re casting it kind of hurts when your shoulders not working right. And running the ATV and the snow mobile it just didn’t work. After this shoulder replacement, no pain, full mobility, I can do everything I like to do.