Jill - Knee Replacement

Well I started having knee pain and I went from a cane to a walker in about six months. I had really aggressive knee pain and I had been a patient at a different orthopedic practice and they just kept telling me “oh, we need to do physical therapy, you need to lose weight. Your knees will feel better.” And I came to Dr. Crovetti after hearing about him from an acquaintance and he sat down with me and he explained to me why it was important to lose weight and what the risk factors were having knee replacement surgery and being overweight. And he was very sincere with me and he told me I needed to have weight loss surgery because there was going to become a point in time where I couldn’t lose the weight fast enough and there was probably going to come a point in time where I wasn’t going to be able to walk because the pain was so bad and I was already on a walker and I’m young!

So I had bariatric surgery done and as soon as I lost 40 pounds he scheduled my first knee surgery and two months later he did my second knee surgery. I was pretty much wheel chair bound, couldn’t walk. And this is where I get emotional. I just, before I met him I had so much pain. I was so depressed.  I was in a dark place and I told him he changed my life. He changed my life. So now I have two new knees and I’ve lost 90 pounds. I’m still losing and I have him to thank for that.