John M - Hip Replacement

So my name is John. I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t know how much pain I was actually in. I didn’t realize it until the recovery and how I feel today. I met my wife 13 years ago and not that long ago she told me that ever since I’ve known her I have been limping. I didn’t know it, I didn’t feel it, but she said it over and over again. Finally, I started getting it – understanding that I was limping. The pain was getting worse and worse and so I decided to go see Dr. Crovetti. 

I met Crovetti through our insurance broker, this guy named Jeff. Jeff introduced us through email and right through there it’s been nothing but great. I had surgery and was walking that day. Within 2 weeks pretty much pain free. I don’t take meds, I don’t do anything like that and it has been a blessing. I’m an active guy, I cycle, I play golf, I love playing golf. I have two dogs that we walk every single day and now I can do it all with no pain. 

I want nothing but to thank Dr. Crovetti and the entire staff because staying at these Suites and having his staff help me the way they did, there’s nothing better. So anybody who comes to me and says ‘hey my hip is kind of hurting’ I’m going to say ‘don’t wait, go get it taken care of and Crovetti is the guy to do it.’