Jolyn - Knee Replacement

I was struggling with knee pain for probably the last 10 to 12 years and I was talking to my primary physician about it and he referred me to Dr. Crovetti, which is how I met him. I came in for my first consultation and he was so easy going, so caring, I felt a real connection, a real trust, and he gave me all of my options which included surgery. I opted with the surgical option for both my knees and had surgery eight weeks apart. The results were amazing. This staff everyone from his scheduler to Dr. Crovetti to his physician’s assistants they were phenomenal. They were so nice, they answered every question, they were very patient with me.

I came to the surgery suites and the care was just unbelievable. Everything I needed they were there for, they assessed my pain, they talked me through any issues that I was having any concerns I had. They were so attentive extremely nice just I can’t even reiterate how nice they were, and since I’ve had the surgery I have been able to get back to doing the things that I enjoy doing. I travel for work a lot. I’ve been able to do that without any pain, any discomfort. I have three amazing grandkids that I can now run after and play with and just enjoy and really just be able to go back and do the things I want to do and not think anything about my knees or the pain that I’ve been in. So it’s been truly phenomenal how well my surgery went and how great I feel.