Joshua - Chiropractic Care

Yes. So I met Dr. Robey now maybe seven or eight years ago, at his old practice before he moved to this office. And from day one, the thing that I’ve always known about Chris is that he just cares and it just exudes caring and investment in his patients.

And so not only have I been seeing him for that long, but I now consider him a close friend of mine, I first started to see him back when I was doing a lot of jujitsu. And jujitsu is a very, very difficult sport, very tough on the body, and you’re always kind of getting banged up in different ways. And being that Chris has a background in jujitsu, it was perfect for me because he understood what I was saying. He understood what I was talking about when talking about jujitsu. So that’s how I initially kind of got connected with him. And he’s been fantastic. He’s had me through two ACL surgeries, which actually Dr. Crovetti actually did the surgeries. So that’s been fantastic. Broken rib, all kinds of banged up injuries through jujitsu, basically anything that goes wrong, Chris is my guy.

So I go in and kind of see him. So I’ve been seeing him for years now. And really at this point, he’s got me in such a good place that it’s just mostly maintenance. I kind of come in and just check in on things and make sure everything’s kind of humming and working correctly. And he’s is fantastic.