Judith - Chiropractic Care

I came to Dr. Robey about a year ago, and I was having some problems with my lower back being sore and also this little bit of neuropathy that was kind of going on. And they did her MRI and my other doctor, the primary doctor. And then when that came back, they referred me to orthopedic. When I called Dr. Crovetti’s office, they referred me to Dr. Robey, and that’s how I met him for the first time.

I went into his office and he was very inviting, very kind, very much for the patient. X-ray was important, but he wanted to talk to me and let me tell him about what was going on. And I found that to be very caring. At that, he was directing his all everything to me as the patient. He was looking at me as a person and didn’t interrupt or anything.

And I told what I needed to tell. And we went through some exercises and which made me feel comfortable because I was thinking the surgery and all these other things. And he said, ‘We’re going to take it slowly and this is what we can do.’ And he went through the different steps. So for every month, for about a year, I came back to him.

He adjusted me to different things and I could feel that the problems I was having, I didn’t have. I couldn’t get up on the step stool, like I was at home and going, okay, what’s happening? I didn’t have any strength. So with him stretching me, teaching me different exercises, telling me things I could do, stretches. I started to be able to stretch this in the quad so I could do that again, which is the best part.

So when I’m walking now, I can walk further and with the stretching, I have the strength now to climb a stepladder and get my balance back, which is very important because when you become my age at 77, you lose some of that and your balance. So all of these techniques that he was teaching me and we were going over and as he explained it all to me, has helped me.

And now I’m back seeing him once a month. But I’m not in any pain. Once in a while I’m stiff when I get up in the morning, but that’s normal. But I like I just want everybody to know that everybody can do this. It’s just a little bit. Even if you just say, I can’t move. Yes, you can. Even if it’s just standing up. But to whatever you want to do. And that’s why I like Dr. Robey.