Kathy - Knee Replacement

I started having knee pain in my mid-20s and I had gone in to see a doctor where I lived in the bay area and got many cortisone injections and orthovisc injections. Over time everything stopped helping, and I put off having the surgery for many years and not really because I was afraid of having the surgery but I just thought taking the time away from work would just be too hard. So I put it off and I was in a lot of pain for a lot of years, and one day I went to the San Diego Zoo with my family and I realized that during the course of the day I kept looking for places to sit down and reasons to stop and I thought okay this is ridiculous I should be able to go for a day at the zoo without having a lot of pain. And so I looked into finding a surgeon. I asked another doctor out in Summerlin and he gave me the referral.

I followed up by going online and looking for testimonials and anything else I could find out about Dr. Crovetti and was really impressed with what I saw. So from the time I made the first appointment for an exam and got those x-rays and everything else just went smooth as silk. I’ve had both knees replaced. The care I received here at the after care center at the Coronado Surgery Center was the best care I’ve ever had in my life. I was spoiled rotten. The pain was managed, the physical therapist gave you the courage to get up and try, and the food was amazing. So since then, I’ve worked very, very hard in physical therapy. I think it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not just a magical thing; you actually have to do the work. So I went faithfully to physical therapy, tried my best, worked really hard, and it’s been 20 weeks now and I’m absolutely pain free. I sleep through the night, I go up and down stairs, I go for long walks, and I ride horses again.