Kevin - Hip Replacement

I first started feeling experiences with pain in my hips about five years ago and so, at that time, it was just when I was doing like a deep squat or something, but it progressed to the point in the last year where just walking became very painful and very difficult and going upstairs was just murder. I realized I really had to do something about this but I was afraid because I had seen the actual surgeries on video you know how traumatic it is.

One of my employees had a knee surgery by Dr. Crovetti and so he had come back to work after three days and I was like expecting at least three weeks. I couldn’t believe it that he was walking around and he was completely pain free. He said, ‘I got a little pain from the surgery, but the pain I had before is completely gone.’ I said, ‘Well man I got to go see your guy because this is what I need.’ And immediately after that I met with Dr. Crovetti, he diagnosed my case, and I had both hips replaced within four weeks and I couldn’t be happier. The recovery was great, the staff was fantastic, the recovery center was just amazing, the people there, how comfortable it was in comparison to a hospital stay, which is just cold and very sterile. Here everyone is friendly and upbeat and very positive and it was a great experience. That’s why I was so eager to come back and get the second hip replacement done so quickly.