Kierin - Knee Replacement

At 35 I was diagnosed that I needed two knee replacements. I had carried a lot of weight for a lot of years and caused loss of cartilage in my knees. The general consensus was is that at 35 I was too young to have a knee replacement. So I waited and waited and waited almost 10 years and lived in extraordinary pain. I limited my activity, I limited things that my husband and I did together because the amount of pain that I was in with my knees. I had been treating for knee pain with another doctor and was doing injections and those were just prolonging the inevitable.

It was then I was introduced to Dr. Crovetti through some good friends of mine and they suggested that I at least go and talk with him and when I did I felt such ease and such assurance from him that things were going to be fine and whenever I was ready that he would be there to help me and to do the knee replacement. And I think it was because of that assurance that I had and there was no pressure to schedule the surgery it was just in my own time that gave me just such ease. And it was also the testimonials that other patients had done and watching those while I was waiting to talk with him I could hardly believe that everything everyone said was really true. But I came to find out that it was 100% true in my experience. The only thing Dr. Crovetti said to me was “why did you wait so long?”

I was pretty fearful about scheduling for the surgery, but once I did that I was quite at ease and had my left knee replaced in October of 2017 and everything went very well with that surgery and then I returned again in April of last year and had my right knee replaced. And I can tell you that I live pain free now. I am not limited in any activities. This is the third year that I have done the Color Run 5k, which I never thought I could do a 5k before!

The staff at the Surgical Recovery Suites were so incredibly kind and so supportive and whatever you needed they were there to help and made the whole process of having this procedure so easy. And I am indebted to Dr. Crovetti and his staff forever. I am very, very thankful to them. You know, when we meet with the doctor sometimes you can feel judgment just because of weight and thinking that the doctor will say well you know you’ll need to have you’ll need to lose weight before we do surgery and I never felt that way with Dr. Crovetti I felt that he never once looked at me in any way other than we just need to get this taken care of so that you can enjoy life. So I really really valued and appreciated that a lot from him. Sorry, there’s not too many like him.