Kimberly - Knee Replacement

This was a knee replacement surgery and the years prior to the surgery I was used to not being able to do a lot of activities that I normally would have done. Which would be dancing, weddings, my daughter’s wedding, vacationing and not being able to do excursions that I normally do. Overall a lot of activities day to day. I’m in the casino industry and it was a lot of wear and tear on my knees so I did my research. I had a prior surgery done where they probed and they cleaned it up, but it wasn’t what I needed. 

So I did my prior research and I found Dr. Crovetti. I went to his office and he and his staff were just wonderful. Awesome, paperwork was simple, any time I needed help I could email them and everything was done with no problems. We scheduled the surgery and it went fantastic! And now I am out there doing everything that I can do again – vacationing, I can work the same amount, but it’s not this excruciating pain I was feeling before and also, everything – I can dance at anybody’s wedding now and that sums it up. I’m so happy, thank you!